Challenges And Opportunities

With America’s opioid addiction epidemic reaching new heights, establishing an effective treatment plan for opioid dependent patients and running an efficient opioid maintenance treatment program (OMT) is critical. The current growth of OMT programs and their movement into the mainstream of addiction treatment brings with it an increased focus on real outcome measures, patient satisfaction, and patient retention.

Consulting OMT uses the proven success of managing diverse addiction treatment facilities, with leading industry practices and the expertise of a certified addiction medicine specialist, to help programs across the country better manage business and operational standards for increased success and profitability.

Benefits Of Consulting OMT

For owners and operators of these programs, this affords the following benefits:

Adequate Dosing

Opioid maintenance treatment training for appropriate selection of methadone or buprenorphine/naloxone (Suboxone) and adequate dosing to improve patient outcomes and increase patient retention.

Comprehensive Treatment Model

Understanding and being able to implement a long-term chronic disease management treatment model.

Improved Patient Management

Learning how to manage the large percentage of opioid dependent patients who also abuse benzodiazepines, thus allowing them to remain in treatment.

Thorough Compliance Testing

Appropriate utilization and integration of psychosocial and pharmacologic interventions as well as regular compliance testing.

Streamlined Accounting And Reimbursement

Education on utilizing the ASAM patient placement criteria to allow for better treatment decisions with better documentation, thus allowing improved compliance with regulatory agencies and less confusion and difficulty with reimbursement from 3rd party payers.

Access to Industry Best Practices

Better standard operating procedures and best practices to reduce employee frustration and burnout and improve employee retention.

Staff Training and support

Training of medical and clinical staff members, including medical directors, to keep pace with the rapidly evolving and changing information and methods regarding the appropriate treatment of patients.

Whether you are a single provider or a multi-location operation getting your treatment program on track for improved patient outcomes, better patient and employee satisfaction, streamlined and accurate documentation, and increased reimbursements is the top priority of Consulting OMT. We work to expand the availability, quality, and delivery of medication-assisted treatment options to patients through professionalism, knowledge, and understanding.

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